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  • Star Butterfly (Star vs. the Forces of Evil) as Claire Lyons (both have blonde hair)
  • Adagio Dazzle (Equestria Girls) as Massie Block (both are mean and stuck up)
  • Dakota (Total Drama) as Kristen Gregory
  • Claire Brewster (Beetlejuice) as Alicia Rivera
  • Mandy (Totally Spies!) as Dylan Marvil
  • Luna Loud (The Loud House) as Layne Abeley
  • TBA as Chris Abeley
  • TBA as Todd Lyons
  • TBA as Judi Lyons
  • TBA as Jay Lyons
  • TBA as William Block
  • TBA as Kendra Block
  • TBA as Isaac
  • TBA as Nurse Adele
  • TBA as Fawn
  • TBA as Shelby Wexler