• Gumball Watterson (The Amazing World of Gumball) as Thomas
  • Marco Diaz (Star vs. the Forces of Evil) as James
  • Jeff (Clarence) as Percy
  • Jake Long (American Dragon: Jake Long) as Henry
  • Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom) as Edward
  • Brad Carbunkle (My Life as a Teenage Robot) as Gordon
  • Cosmo (Fairly OddParents) as Toby
  • Emmet (The Lego Movie) as Duck
  • Chocolat Meilleure (Sugar Sugar Rune) as Bridget Hatt
  • Sam (Totally Spies!) as Mavis
  • Ashlynn Ella (Ever After High) as Rosie
  • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Phineas and Ferb) as Lady
  • May (Pokémon) as Annie
  • Fee (Harvey Beaks) as Clarabel
  • Blossom (Powerpuff Girls) as Flora
  • Kimi Finster (Rugrats) as Molly
  • Star Butterfly (Star vs. the Forces of Evil) as Belle
  • Hildy Gloom (The 7D) as Daisy
  • Terra (Teen Titans) as Emily
  • Mandy (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) as Elizabeth
  • Global Warmer (Fanboy and Chum Chum) as Diesel 10
  • Belson (Clarence) as Diesel
  • Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory) as Stanley
  • AJ (Fairly Odd Parents) as Spencer
  • Trent (Total Drama) as Hector
  • TBA as Bulgy
  • TBA as Derek
  • Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6) as Hiro (Both share the first names)
  • Penn Zero (Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero) as Skarloey
  • Andy and Ollie Pesto (Bob's Burgers) as Bill and Ben
  • TBA as Harold
  • TBA as Peter Sam
  • TBA as Sir Topham Hatt
  • TBA as Lady Hatt
  • TBA as Bridget Hatt
  • TBA as Stephen Hatt

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