The Mumakils

By : Zir's Champion Forgrim, Blade of

Submitted by : War General Chay, Blade of Zir!

Long ago, when I was very young I began my life in Fate's temple. I soon realized that this was not the path for me I had always longed to follow Zir and thought him dead by the Dark Elf Insurrection of 140. But he lay in a near death state and by the will of his followers brought him back and rested him from the dark elf scourge.On that day I fought alongside of Baac, Brew, Cerberus, Thaak, many, but the most impressive where three Ulf, Shanna, and Haddion. They were awesome and there was no doubt why they were Blades!. I soon realized that I wanted to be just like them, even if I was never a Blade. I sought after them all, gaining what wisdom I could and learned the care of animals from my guildmaster Ulf, the deepest secrets of War from Haddion, and the secrets of subtlety and tactics from Shanna.

It was from the learning from Ulf that I learned of the powers of the trained beasts. After I had grown more powerful, and my mount had become to unruly, destroying large portions of Tranos and Devardec and the like, that I saw what power the mounts had in them. After Deori decreed that my beloved mount "Stompalicus" or Stompee was to be KILLED!. I begged him to have him removed from the cities of Terris. We reached an agreement, and in the frosted meadow close to the Frost Giant Village, Ulf and I started a herd.Just his Mumakil Nellie, and my Stompalicus. Soon we had a young pup and we awarded that pup to a young warrior with much promise. The first pup was named Bessie, We rewarded this Mumakil to Leoric, and the next Mumakil was Telmak's Ivor.

Over 100 mumakils were awarded from the herd and it grew and grew until Zir felt that the meadow was no longer safe for them. Now on the island of Tokania where the Halls of Antiquity reside, there is a valley devoted to them and a sister herd of Mammoths, as gifted by Zir to all the deserving warriors.

Long may it be so! As told to Chay by Forgrim

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