Version 1 (by mimitchi33) (Do not edit or remove any characters.)

  • Scarecrow as Megumi Aino/Cure Lovely (Both are strong leaders, but are sometimes clumsy. His Cure Lovely form is Scarecrowella.)
  • Mumfie as Shirayuki Hime/Cure Princess (Both are childish and like pancakes. As Cure Princess, he wears a top hat.)
  • Fifi as Oomori Yuuko/Cure Honey (Both run restaurants)
  • The Queen of Light as Hikawa Iona/Cure Fortune (Both have little known about them)
  • Pinkey as Ribbon (Both are good friends to the leaders).
  • Black Cat as Glasses (Both partner up with their respective character sometimes)
  • The Queen of Night as Seiji (Both love the main character.)
  • Napoleon Jones as Blue (Both are very wise.)

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