Version 1 (by mimitchi33) (Do not remove or edit any characters.)

While watching some Teddy Ruxpin videos on YouTube in honor of Kenn Forse's recent passing, I realised that this piece of my childhood had very vauge similiarities to Magic Adventures of Mumfie, from the plots of the shows to the events characters faced. If I did a parody of this show using Mumfie characters, here's what my cast would be like:

Mumfie as Teddy Ruxpin (both are the main characters and wanted to find an adventure)

Pinkey as Grubby (Both sometimes have a hard time pronouncing words, stand on their legs, hate water, were seen bathing in somewhere that wasn't a bathroom)

Scarecrow as Newton Gimmick (Both are very smart and human-like)

Birds as Fobs (Fobs are basically birds. I don't know who should be Fuzz yet).

This is still a work in process, as I need to find matches for the other characters. It's hard to do so because of the shortage of female characters in Mumfie.

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