Kermit - ???

Miss Piggy - Grudge [Making Fiends]

Fozzie Bear - ?????????

Gonzo - Snoopy [Peanuts]

Animal - Himself

Pepe - Mr. Grumpy [Mr. Men and Little Miss]

Bunsen - Squidward [SpongeBob]

Beaker - Barney [Barney and Friends]

Sam - Mr Bump [The Mister Men Show]

Rizzo - Ojo [Bear in the Big Blue House]

The Swedish Chef - The Cheat []

Sweetums - Mr. Krabs [Spongebob Squarepants]

Blue Frackle - Mr. Noisy [Mr Men]

Mahna Mahna - Pinga [Pingu]

Lips - Swiper the Fox [Dora the Explorer]

Bean Bunny - Dick Dastardly [Wacky Races]

Dr. Neuter - Baby Bop [Barney]

Clifford - Penny Proud [The Proud Family]

Zoot - Candace [Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs To You!]

NewsMan - Bart Simpson [The Simpsons Movie]

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