Version #1

Version #2

  • Narrator: Now on video. Join Kermit and his new friend Billy Bunny in their very first Muppet Sing-Along video. Billy Bunny's Animal Songs. Come along for rappin' and roarin' with some furry bears.
  • Bears: Roar, roar
  • Bill Bunny: That is what we really do best, yow
  • Narrator: It's loads of fun, there's jammin' and playin' with lots of new friends.
  • Frogs: Ribbit croak needeep croak ribbt
  • Narrator: Plus singin' and swingin' with the frogs.
  • Frogs: Needeep croak ribbt croak needeep
  • Narrator: Billy Bunny's Animal Songs.
  • Frogs: There's some much to say and we have all day
  • Frog 1: Needeep
  • Frog 2: Croak
  • Frogs: Ribbt
  • Narrator: Now on video.

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