• Sam the Eagle as Oscar the Grouch
  • Wanda as Maria
  • Kermit the Pig, Fozzie Pig and The Swedish Pig as Pigs
  • Beautiful Day Monster, Behemoth and Big Mean Carl as Grouches
  • Robin the Frog as Slimey the Worm


Wanda: Here are some trash, Sam.

Sam the Eagle: Oh, yeah.

Wanda: Aren't you going to tell me have a rotten day, Sam?

Sam the Eagle: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Have a rotten day, Wanda.

Wanda: Sam, is something wrong?

Sam the Eagle: Yeah, something is wrong, all right. Everyday is the same thing. First, I tell Kermit to scram, then I surprised Fozzie with the old snake in the can trick and I told you to have a rotten day.

Wanda: But, Sam, you love doing all those things.

Sam the Eagle: I know, but they are the same grouchy things all the time, Wanda. (sighs)

Wanda: Sam, maybe you need a change.

Sam the Eagle: Hmmmm...I hate to say it, Wanda, but you could be right. Hmmm... Maybe if I tried living somewhere else, you know. A place with new kinds of trash. A slimey of slime. A place where I could annoy people with new ways. A really grouchy place.
(singing) There's a grouchy place.
Somewhere, a grouchy place
annoying people.
A way to get there.
A grouchy place, somewhere.
There's a yucky place.
A smelly, noisy place.
Where pigs are snorting
and warthogs are rolling.
Where grouches feel at home.

Beautiful Day Monster: Stop following me.

Behemoth: Will you stop following me?

Big Mean Carl: Will...

Sam the Eagle: There's a slimy place.
A trashy, grimy space.
With slime to live in.
And slime to spare.
Slime for Robin
and not to share.
Some yuck,
some slime,

Wanda: Sam, I think a change would do you good.

Sam the Eagle: Yeah.

Wanda: There's a whole world out there. I'm sure you could find some place that's really grouchy. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to get to the Mail-It Shop.

Sam the Eagle: Yeah, now where on this earth could I go that would be really annoying?

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