• Fozzie Bear as Baby Bear
  • Goldilocks (from The Muppet Show) as Goldilocks


Fozzie Bear: Ah, yes. This is the good life. Oh, ha, hi. Oh boy, do I love my tub. Yeah, I love getting nice and clean, and playing in the bubbles. (laughing) But best of all, I love knowing that this is one place that I won't run into that Goldilocks, and she won't be able to help me. Ha ha! So come on, everybody, let's scrub!
(singing) We go scrubby, scrubby, scrubby when we take our bathy-wathy.
We go scrubby, scrubby, scrubby, scrubby, scrub.
Scrub our necks and cheeks and noses.
Scrub our knuckles and our toes-es from within our warm and cozy little tub.
Feel the bubbly, bubbly bubbles as they scrub away your troubles,
and you'll be a happy, clean, and healthy cub.
Oh, please feel free to scrub along
as I sing my bubbly song.
Oh, scrubby, scrubby, scrubby, scrubby scrub.
(spoken) Oh, yeah. Well, now that I've scrubbed, I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy my bath toys! (laughing) Oh, yeah. (making car sounds) Wait a minute, I don't remember having this toy! What is this? Gah!

Goldilocks: Hiya, everybody!

Fozzie Bear: Goldilocks!

Goldilocks: Hiya, Fozzie Bear! Oh, don't you just love, love, love bath time? I do. I love all the bubbles. Oh, I love feeling so clean and warm and lovely. Oh, yeah. I tried one bath that was too cold, and one that was too hot. But this one's just right, Fozzie Bear. Mm-hmm. Love bath time.

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