Scooter as Snow White

Floyd Pepper as Cinderella

Walter as Aurora

The Great Gonzo as Ariel

Dr. Teeth as Belle

Fozzie Bear as Jasmine

Janice as Pocahontas

Miss Piggy as Mulan

Rowlf the Dog as Tiana

Animal as Rapunzel

Kermit the Frog as Merida

Camilla as Alice

Zoot as Wendy

Beaker as Esmeralda

Bunsen as The Blue Fairy

Sam the Eagles as Megara

Robin as Eilonwy

Statler as Jane

Wardolf as Shanti

Crazy Harry as Kida

Rizzo as Tinker Bell

Swedish Chef as Lilo

Pops as Anita

Pepe as Jessica Rabbit

Lew Zealand as Sally

Jim Henson as Minnie Mouse

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