• Sam the Eagle as Oscar the Grouch
  • Mean Mama as Grundgetta
  • Rowlf the Dog as Telly Monster
  • J. G. as Stephen J. Grouch


Sam the Eagle: Grouchelot, Grouchelot!
We'll always raise our voice
to Grouchelot, Grouchelot
because we love making noise!

J. G.: The sun never shines in Grouchelot!

Rowlf the Dog: And there's always long lines in Grouchelot!

J. G.: The hot breezes blow
And the flowers don't grow
That's the way that you know...

J. G. and Rowlf the Dog: It's Grouchelot!

Rowlf the Dog: You won't need my flash in Grouchelot!

Mean Mama: And there's great piles of trash in Grouchelot!

Sam the Eagle: All night grouches yell!
It's so yucky and swell.
And the rotten fish smell.

Everyone: That's the way you can tell
It's Grouchelot, Grouchelot
Where neighbors slam their door!
Yes, Grouchelot, Grouchelot!
What grouch could ask for more?

Sam the Eagle: So stick to your home
Where the buffalo roam!
We'll stay here...

Everyone: Grouchelot!

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