• Kermit the Frog as Homestar Runner (Kermit and Homestar are both the lead character)
  • Sam the Eagle as Strong Bad (Sam and Strong Bad are both grumpy)
  • Rizzo the Rat as The Cheat (Rizzo and The Cheat are both small)
  • Sweetums as Strong Mad (Sweetums and Strong Mad are both tall)
  • Droop as Strong Sad (Droop and Strong Sad are both sad)
  • Beaker as Pom Pom (Beaker and Pom Pom both speak a different language)
  • Miss Piggy as Marzipan (Miss Piggy and Marzipan are both girlfriends to Kermit and Homestar)
  • Gonzo as Coach Z (Gonzo and Coach Z are both weird)
  • Pepe the King Prawn as Bubs (Pepe and Bubs both have orange in them)
  • Zoot as The King of Town (Zoot and The King of Town are both greedy)
  • Lips as The Poopsmith (Lips and The Poopsmith are both silent)
  • Fozzie Bear as Homsar (Fozzie and Homsar are both silly)

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