• Sam the Eagle as Bert
  • Rowlf the Dog as Ernie
  • Beard as David
  • Floyd Pepper as Gordon
  • Link Hogthrob as Bob
  • Wanda as Maria
  • Janice as Susan
  • Mary Louise (little girl) as Prairie Dawn
  • Wayne as Luis
  • Pops as Mr. Hooper
  • Kermit the Frog as Big Bird
  • Dr. Teeth as Count von Count
  • Gonzo as Grover
  • Animal as Cookie Monster
  • Sweetums as Herry Monster
  • Uncle Deadly as Oscar the Grouch


Uncle Deadly: All right, all right!

Rowlf the Dog: Uncle Deadly! Come on in!

Link Hogthrob: Hey, Uncle Deadly! How are ya?

Gonzo: Uncle Deadly!

Uncle Deadly: Hey, what is this? The normal loopoff crier?

Gonzo: Oh, that's cute.

Uncle Deadly: You're making enough noise here to wake up a parking meter.

Sam the Eagle: I agreed.

Janice: Oh, come on, Uncle Deadly. Don't be such a grouch.

Rowlf the Dog: Yeah, this is a sing-along, Uncle Deadly.

Sweetums: Yeah.

Link Hogthrob: Come on.

Janice: You got a song for us, Uncle Deadly?

Uncle Deadly: I'll give you a sing along!

Everyone: Terrific. Let's hear it.

Uncle Deadly: I'll give you a song
That I think is tops:
If you keep up this racket,
I'm calling the cops!

Gonzo: Oh, that was a grouchy one.

Rowlf the Dog: Was there a second verse to that song?

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