• Miss Piggy as Stephanie
  • Janice as Trixie


Miss Piggy: Ribbons, bows and presents everywhere
Janice: Tiny snowflakes falling through the air
Miss Piggy: Candles, trees and blinking colored lights
Janice: And all the snowball fights.

Miss Piggy and Janice: Turkey, stuffing, cookies, cakes and pies
Giving gifts and seeing their surprise

Staying up late, looking at the skies
Here comes Santa.

Ho ho ho, a brand new sled
Sugarplums dancing in our heads
Ho ho ho, a pair of socks?

And lots of gingerbread... (for me!)
Ho ho ho, a wind up plane
A ball, a bat, a choo-choo train
Ho ho ho, and all your friends
I love Christmas.

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