• Dr. Teeth as Ernie
  • Floyd Pepper as Bert


Dr. Teeth: (spoken) Hi, Floyd.

Floyd Pepper: Oh. Hi, Dr. Teeth. Hey, I've been sitting here trying to think of what we can do with this here, letter "L".

Dr. Teeth: Oh. Well, let's see. You know one thing, you can sing sort of a "La La La" song with the letter "L".

Floyd Pepper: (spoken) Uh, what do you mean?

Dr. Teeth: (spoken) Well, there are all kinds of pretty words that begin with "L". (Music starts.) You know, you can sing a few "La La La's" and some pretty words, and you'd have a nice little song.

Floyd Pepper: (spoken) "La La La," like that?

Dr. Teeth: (spoken) Sure. Go ahead. Try it.

Floyd Pepper: (spoken) O.K. Let's see, uh,..
(singing) La, la, la, la . . . lemon
La, la, la, la, light bulb

Dr. Teeth: (spoken) Uh-huh.

Floyd Pepper: (singing) La, la, la, la, lamp post (spoken) This is fun.
(singing) La, la, la, la, lump in my oatmeal

Dr. Teeth: (spoken) Well, that's not quite what I was thinking about, Floyd.

Floyd Pepper: (spoken) No?

Dr. Teeth: (spoken) I mean there are a lot of pretty "L" words, and I was sort of thinking of the ones that are more lilting and lovely. You know like...
(singing) La, la, la, la, laughter

Floyd Pepper: (spoken) Oh, yeah. I see.

Dr. Teeth: La, la, la, la, lullaby

Floyd Pepper: (spoken) Oh, like that. Huh?

Dr. Teeth: La, la, la, la, lollypop

Floyd Pepper: (spoken) Ahhhhhh!

Dr. Teeth: La, la, la, la, lights in the sky.

Floyd Pepper: (spoken) Oh! Oh! Dr. Teeth, I've got a GREAT "L" word! This is a beauty. Oh, listen to this.
(singing) La, la, la, LINOLEUM!

Dr. Teeth: (spoken) Ah, no, Floyd, uh..
(singing) Listen to me
'Cause "L" is such a lovely letter
For words like "licorice" and "lace"
The letter "L" lights up your face
So why not la, la, la, la, laaaaaaaaaaaaah...

Floyd Pepper: La, la, la, la, laaaaaaah

Dr. Teeth: ...with me?

(Floyd laughs.)

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