• Sam the Eagle as Oscar the Grouch
  • Miss Piggy as Abby Cadabby
  • Lucy the Elephant as Fluffy


Miss Piggy: Wow!

Sam the Eagle: (spoken) It, it worked. Wow! Lucy had enough force to make a giant, super messy, horrible grouchy Greek splat. Ta-da!
(singing) Look, I made a splat.
No one has ever made a biggest splat
than that.
So messy
and so flat.
I'm proud of that splat.

Miss Piggy: He could have made a cat or bat or hat.
Or something people like to look at?

Sam the Eagle: But what kind of artist does that?
I'd make a hat
when you can make a splat.

Miss Piggy: A splat just like that.

Sam the Eagle: Where did it used to be a splat?

Miss Piggy: Look, he made a splat.

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