• Sweetums as Herry Monster
  • Animal as Cookie Monster


Sweetums: (spoken) Hey, Animal! What letter is that that goes up, down, up, down?

Animal: (spoken) That the letter "M", Sweetums.

Sweetums: (spoken) Hmmmm...

Animal: (spoken) And the letter "M" reminds me of lots of wonderful things to eat.

Sweetums: (spoken) Mmmm...let's think of some.

Animal: (spoken) Okay.
(singing) Mmm, marshmallows

Sweetums: Mmm, meatballs

Animal: Mmm, ready to munch (Mmm Mmm)

Sweetums: Mmm, malted milk

Animal: Mmm, mustard

Sweetums: Mmm, monster want lunch (Mmm Mmm)

Animal: Mmm, macaroni and melon

Sweetums: Magnificent meal

Animal: (spoken) Oh yeah!

Sweetums: (spoken) Mmm.

Animal: (singing) If monster had food now
How yummy his tummy would feel!
(spoken) Oh, getting hungry

Sweetums: (spoken) Uh-huh!
(singing) Mmm, monster want marshmallows
Meatballs, milk, melon

Animal: But we got none of them

Animal and Sweetums: So mmm monsters who are so hungry
Will just eat this big letter "M"

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