• Kai-Lee as Little Red Riding Hood
  • The White Rabbit as Rabbit
  • Squirrel (from The Muppet Show) as Squirrel
  • Angelo as Alan
  • Rizzo the Rat as Elmo
  • Miss Piggy as Rosita


Kai-Lee: How does your basket do against the powerful jaws of the wolf?

Angelo: Oh, um, not so good.

Rizzo the Rat: Oh no, now Grandma won't get her goodies.

Miss Piggy: What are we going to do?

Kai-Lee: I know what to do.

Angelo, Rizzo the Rat and Miss Piggy: What?

Kai-Lee: This. (claps twice)
(singing) You've gotta make that basket stronger.
Make it last much longer.
I am telling you the truth.
To make those goodies softer.
Make that basket tougher.
So it can stands up to wolves too.
You know that basket is broken.
The wolf must have blew to smithereens.
And now the goodies are eaten.
Granny has been counting jellybeans.
And I know that old lady will besnack less.
And I'll tell you, that's not good.
I must deliver those munchies, so listen to Little Red Riding Hood.
You've gotta make that basket stronger.
Make it last much longer.
You just make the pulley with cause.
You gotta make it smarter.
Make that basket harder.
So it can stands up to wolves.
Just you gotta make that basket stronger, stronger.

Angelo: But how am I going to make the basket stronger? It's like in a hundred pieces.

Kai-Lee: I just deliver the packages, Angelo. I don't package them.

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