• Uncle Deadly as Dr. Doom
  • Gonzo as Iron Man
  • Angel Marie as Abomination
  • Mary as Black Cat
  • Mad Monty as Red Skull
  • Sweetums as Fin Fang Foom
  • Beauregard as Black Panther
  • Constantine as Venom
  • Kermit as Wolverine
  • Long John Silver as Sabretooth
  • Sam the Eagle as Captain America
  • Floyd Pepper as Deadpool
  • Ms. Bitterman as Enchantress
  • Calico as Annihilus
  • Animal as Hulk
  • Walleye Pike as MODOK
  • Thog as The Thing
  • Lips as Surtur
  • Link Hogthrob as Thor
  • Behemoth as Ymir
  • One-Eyed Jack as Doctor Octopus
  • Wanda as Black Widow
  • Black-Eyed Pea as Kingpin
  • Miss Poogy as Mystique
  • Nadya as Psylocke
  • Calico Jerry as Super Skrull
  • Easy Pete as Mole Man
  • Dominic Badguy as Dormammu
  • Tex Richman as Bullseye
  • Polly Lobster as Onslaught
  • Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as Ultron
  • Big Papa as Magneto
  • Great Escapo as Loki
  • Big Mean Carl as Juggernaut
  • Spotted Dick as Green Goblin
  • Spamela Hamderson as American Dream
  • Veronica as Angel

and more

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