• Mary Louise (little girl) as Prairie Dawn


Mary Louise: (spoken) Hi. This is Mary Louise. Did you ever move into a new neighborhood? I did. I haven't always lived here on Sesame Street and when I first moved here, I was a little afraid because everything was so new. All the streets and the stores and the people too. But on my very first day here on Sesame Street, something very nice happened.
(singing) On the very first day in my neighborhood,
someone said "Hello!"
Let me show you, she said,
all the people and places I know.
On the very next day in my neighborhood,
she let me meet her friends
and they showed me the stores and the park
where the schoolyard ends.
When you're new on the block,
and someone's nice to you,
very soon you'll forget
that you are new.
So if you ever moved to my neighborhood,
I'll be your friend and so
I'll be sure that you see
all the places and people I know.
'Cause on that very first day
in my neighborhood,
someone said "Hello".

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