• Animal as Cookie Monster
  • Rizzo the Rat as Elmo
  • Banana as Corn
  • Eric the Parrot as Poco Loco
  • Jar of Orange Marmalade as Carrot
  • Japanese Cake as Cake
  • Snake (from The Jim Henson Hour) as Sammy the Snake
  • Talking Sandwich as Troll
  • Fozzie Bear as Bert
  • Kermit the Frog as Ernie


Animal: Thank you! Thank you! Me thank you! Hi! Me here today to sing song about me favorite thing! Ha, ha! Cookie!

Rizzo the Rat: Oh, oh, Animal. (laughing) Uh, Animal?

Animal: Wha?

Rizzo the Rat: Uh, this song isn't about cookies. It's about letters.

Animal: Now you tell me, Rizzo? Wha? Made me speaking? Me not get memo?

Rizzo the Rat: Sorry, Animal.

Animal: (spoken) That's okay. Me can adjust. Here we go. It's okay. Me got it from here. Okay. Me here to sing song about me second favorite thing. Yeah. Letters! Yeah, and if you know word, shout it out!
(singing) Me took orn.
Add a c. (Corn!)
But with an H,
what that be? (Horn!)
Scooby, doob duba
Can't get a taste
of that tuba.
Stuck with a squawking bird (Parrot!)
Change it to a tasty word (Carrot!)
That better.
Me never like them feathers.
It takes one little letter
to make a wish a fish.
It takes one little letter
to make a good thing better.
Mmmm...yeah, a yummy frosted cake
or a delicious shake.
A friendly garden snake?
Uh, oh!
The snake is drinking the shake!
It takes one little letter!

Snake: One letter!

Animal: To make a wish a fish.
It takes one little letter.
to make a good thing better.

Chorus: Pies!

Animal: Me take them with a side of fries.
Oh, or on a poll for a talking sandwich on a roll.

Talking Sandwich: Don't even think about it!

Animal: (singing) Take a heaping up with a ham. (One letter!)
And then me make it jam.
And any old time,
me could turn on a dime.
Me could make it lime. (One letter!)
And before think twice (One little letter!)
Roll on a dice
And change mice to rice
Just one little letter (One little letter!)
It makes a good thing better.
(laughing) Om, nom, nom, nom, nom! Aahhh. Mmmm. Letter L delicious. But not quite cookie! Oh, me go find cookie! Where are the cookies? Cookies!

Kermit the Frog: Uh, what is that, Fozzie?

Fozzie Bear: Material. Ahem. "Say, Kermit, that Animal sure is one chip off the old cookie." Aaaahhh! Yes, yes. Try 17.

Kermit the Frog: Oh, uh, "Yeah, he sure is, Fozzie. He takes the cake."

Fozzie Bear: Aaaahhh! Wocka wocka wocka!

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