• Walter as Farley
  • Catgut as Cat
  • Afghan Hound as Dog
  • Camilla the Chicken as Chicken
  • Robin the Frog as Frog
  • Dr. Julius Strangepork as Pig
  • The Alderney as Cow
  • Miss Piggy as Orange Live-Hand Anything Muppet Vet
  • Pickles as Alligator


Walter: I took my pet to the vet
'cause her tummy was upset.
When we got there to the vet,
my pet started to sweat.
And waiting was a dog,
plus a chicken and a frog.
I said, how do you do?
They all said...

Afghan Hound, Camilla the Chicken and Robin the Frog: We have the flu!

Walter: Then a piglet came out,
with a happy-looking snout,
and he said to my pet...

Dr. Julius Strangepork: There's no need to be upset.
Vets make pets feel real well.
I was sick, so I can tell
that the truth is, in the end,
vets are really pets' best friend.

Walter: And that vet saw my pet.
And she picked her up and rocked her.
And my pet could tell
that vet was a very nice pet doctor.
The vet said to my pet...

Miss Piggy: Hm, you're all covered with sweat.
And your tummy sounds upset.
But I'll make you feel well yet.

Walter: And before I could get
to recite the alphabet,
the vet made sure my pet
was as good as pets can get.
And the pet and the vet
danced a silly minuet,
'cause I guess somehow they knew
she would make them feel good, too.

Everyone: All the pets are gonna feel real good, real good,
all the pets are gonna feel real good.
All the pets are gonna feel real good, real good,
all the pets are gonna feel real good.
So please, don't forget,
to be sure and tell your pet
that they shouldn't get upset
when you take them to the vet!
To the vet!

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