• Kermit as TJ 
  • Janice as Spinelli 
  • Miss Piggy as  Gretchen 
  • Fozzie Bear as Mikey 
  • Scooter as Gus 
  • Gonzo as Vince 
  • Sam the Eagle as Principal Prickly 
  • Mildred Huxtetter as Miss Finster  
  • Walter as King Bob
  • Crazy Harry as Randall
  • Bobo the Bear as Captain Brad 
  • Floyd Pepper as Cop 1#
  • Dr. Teeth as Cop 2#
  • Uncle Deadly as Colonel O'Malley 
  • Animal as Conrad Mundy 
  • Annie Sue Pig as Sue Bob Murphy 
  • Zoot as Lawson 
  • Pepe the King Prawn as Digger Sam
  • Rizzo the Rat as Digger Dave
  • Mad Monty as Dr. Phillium Benedict 
  • Black Dog as Dr. Rosenthal
  • Angel Marie as Bald Guy 
  • Clueless Morgan as Fenwick 
  • Spotted  Dick as Guard 1#
  • Calico as Guard 2# 
  • Polly Lobster as Ninja 1#
  • Walleye Pike as Ninja 2#
  • Blind Pew as Ninja 3#
  • One-Eyed Jack as Dr. Lazenby
  • Babies as Kindergartners
  • Trumpet Girl as Miss Grotke 
  • Gladys as Mrs. Lemon
  • Statler as Mort Chalk
  • Waldorf as Superintendent
  • Lew Zealand as Mr. Yamashiro
  • Beauregard as Tech 2#


When a old friend of Mildred Huxtetter(Miss Finster) and Sam the Eagle(Principal Prickly), Mad Monty(Dr. Phillium Benedict) is back to get revenge on them, it's up to Kermit(TJ), Fozzie(Mikey), Miss Piggy(Gretchen), Scooter(Gus), Crazy Harry(Randall), Gonzo(Vince), Janice(Spinelli), Walter(King Bob), Gladys(Mrs. Lemon), Babies(Kindergartners), Uncle Deadly(Colonel O'Malley), Zoot(Lawson), Animal(Conrad Mundy), Annie Sue(Sue Bob Murphy), Bobo the Bear(Captain Brad), Rizzo the Rat(Digger Dave), Pepe the King Prawn(Digger Sam), Lew Zealand(Mr.Yamashiro), Beauregard(Tech 2#), Statler(Mort Chalk), Waldorf(Superintendent), and Trumpet Girl(Miss Grotke) to defeat him and his henchmen Clueless Morgan(Fenwick), Angel Marie(Bald Guy), Blind Pew(Ninja 3#), Spotted Dick(Guard 1#), Calico(Guard 2#), Polly Lobster(Ninja 1#), Walleye Pike(Ninja 2#), One-Eyed Jack(Dr. Lazenby), and Black Dog(Dr. Rosenthal).

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