• Statler as Bert
  • Waldorf as Ernie


Waldorf: Hey, Statler, I sure like your T-shirt.

Statler: It's not a T-shirt, Waldorf. No, it's a T-R shirt.

Waldorf: Oh, I see what you mean. It says T-R.

Statler: Yeah, well, it spells that heavenly sound, Tr.

Waldorf: Tr?

Statler: Yeah, isn't that keen? Kind of sings, doesn't it? Tr, tr, tr, tr.

Waldorf: Well, gee, I dunno, Statler. Statler, I don't think Tr means anything. What is it good for?

Statler: Good for? Tr is stupendous for starting words like, like, like triangle.

Waldorf: Yeah, but that's only one word, Statler.

Statler: Oh yeah? You wanna hear some more?

Waldorf: Sure.

Statler: Let's sing a song about Tr.
Tree, truck,
trash, tricycle,
trick, tree,
Tr is beautiful.
Let's sing a song
about Tr.

Waldorf: Yeah.

Statler: Tra-la-la-la-lr.
There's a feeling of words to try.

Waldorf: Mmm hmmm.

Statler: And it's fun for you and I.

Waldorf: You bet.

Statler: To sing
a little song about Tr. (laughing)

Waldorf: Hey, Statler! Trumpet! That's a Tr word.

Statler: Yeah! He's right!

Waldorf: Trombone, Statler! (laughing)

Statler: Hey, another Tr word! Hey, you're grooving now! Don't stop, Waldorf! Go for it!

Waldorf: (spoken) Okay.
(singing) Let's sing a song about Tr.
Tray, track,
trap, trampoline,
train, trek,

Statler: Very good. Oh. And he's going pretty fast. Wow!

Waldorf: Let's sing a song about Tr.
It's a trick
to sing to Dr.

Statler: Dr?

Waldorf: But it's fun for
me and Yr.

Statler: Yr?

Waldorf: To try
to sing a song about Tr.

Statler: (spoken) Exquisite.
(singing) Tree.

Waldorf: Truck.

Statler: Tras.

Waldorf: Tricycle.

Statler: Treat.

Waldorf: Trickonometry.

Statler: Tray.

Waldorf: Track.

Statler: Trap.

Waldorf: Trampoline.

Statler: Train.

Waldorf: Trip.

Statler: Transliteration.

Waldorf: That's a big one, Statler. (laughing)

Statler and Waldorf: That's a song about...
I'll sing a song about Tr!

Waldorf: Ah, Tr is okay, Statler.

Statler: Yeah, yeah, yeah and wait till I tell you about Ch and Fo and Bo. (laughing)

Waldorf: Hey, you forgot about Sh.

Statler: Oh, and, and Snu.

Waldorf: Oh, I love Snu, Statler!

Statler: (laughing) Oh, Waldorf.

Waldorf: Yeah?

Statler: There's a whole world out there for me.

Waldorf: Ah.

Statler: Yeah.

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