• Kermit as Wolverine
  • Animal as Hulk
  • Gonzo as Iron Man
  • Fozzie as Captain America
  • Miss Piggy as Scarlet Witch
  • Walter as Reptil
  • Annie Sue as Ms. Marvel
  • Scooter as Silver Surfer
  • Link Hogthrob as Thor
  • Uncle Deadly as Dr. Doom
  • Angel Marie as Abomination
  • Walleye Pike as MODOK
  • Blind Pew as Thanos
  • Old Tom as Grandmaster
  • Floyd Pepper as Nighthawk
  • Spotted Dick as Ringmaster
  • Dr. Phil van Neuter as Professor X
  • Dr. Teeth as Captain Marvel
  • Calico as Molecule Man
  • Janice as Storm
  • Spamela Hamderson as Jean Grey
  • Billl the Bubble Guy as Iceman
  • 80's Robot as H.E.R.B.I.E.
  • Mad Monty as Egghead
  • Crazy Harry as Hyperion
  • Zoot as Werewolf by Night

Voice Cast

  • Steve Blum- Kermit, Angel Marie
  • Travis Willingham- Animal, Crazy Harry
  • Tom Kenny- Gonzo, Fozzie, Walleye Pike
  • Tara Strong- Miss Piggy, 80's Robot
  • Antony Del Rio- Walter
  • Grey DeLisle- Annie Sue
  • Mikey Kelley- Scooter
  • David Boat- Link Hoghtrob
  • Charles Adler- Uncle Deadly
  • Jim Cummings- Blind Pew
  • John O'Hurley- Old Tom
  • Adam West- Floyd Pepper
  • Carlos Alazraqui- Spotted Dick
  • Jim Ward- Dr. Phil van Neuter
  • Ty Burrell- Dr. Teeth
  • Fred Stoller- Calico
  • Cree Summer- Janice
  • Hynden Walch- Spamela Hamderson
  • Shawn Ashmore- Bill the Bubble Guy
  • Wayne Knight- Mad Monty
  • Rob Paulsen- Zoot

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