• Gonzo as Grover
  • Gabriel as George
  • Dr. Teeth as Ernie


Gabriel: (Quietly repeating the soft G sound)

Dr. Teeth: (spoken) Hey listen everybody. Do you hear a strange sound?

Gonzo: (spoken) Hey, Gabriel, what is that sound you are making?

Gabriel: (spoken) Hi Gonzo, I'm making the sound of the next letter of the alphabet, the letter "G". Yeah, my name begins with the letter "G" and it makes that sound. G-g-gabriel.

(Music begins)

Gonzo: (spoken) B-b-but my name begins with "G" too but it sounds like this, G-g-gonzo.

(Begins singing)

Gonzo: "G", Gonzo.

Gabriel: (spoken) No. (singing) "G", Gabriel.

Gonzo: (spoken) Uh-uh, (singing) "G", garden.

Gabriel: (spoken) No no, (spoken) "G", giant.

Gonzo: "G", gallop.

Gabriel: "G", giraffe.

Gonzo: (spoken) No, no I think this is right Gabriel. (singing) "G", golden.

Gabriel: And "G", gentle.
Hey, Gonzo!

Gonzo: What, Gabriel?

Gabriel: There are two "G" sounds.

Gonzo: I must agree.
There is "G", good guy.

Gabriel: And "G", genius.

Gonzo: One sound for you
And one sound for me.
"G", Gonzo.

Gabriel: "G", Gabriel.
"G", Gonzo.

Gonzo: "G", Gabriel.
(spoken) "G", Gabriel.

Gabriel: (spoken) "G".

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