• Kermit the Frog as Big Bird
  • Statler as Bert
  • Waldorf as Ernie
  • Mutt as Dog
  • Beaker as Dinger
  • Mean Mama as Grundgetta
  • Warthog as Pig
  • Penguins as Honkers
  • Mary Louise (little girl) as Lexine
  • P.J. as Miles
  • Kai-Lee as Gabi
  • Wayne as Luis
  • Flash as Carlos
  • Ronald Duck as Duck
  • Sam the Eagle as Herry Monster
  • Wanda as Maria
  • George the Janitor as Gordon
  • Mildred Huxtetter as Susan
  • Talking House as Window
  • Rizzo the Rat as Elmo
  • Rowlf the Dog as Telly Monster
  • Dodo as Toucan
  • Big Mean Carl as Grouch
  • The Robin as Bird
  • Beth Bear as Alice Snuffleupagus
  • Link Hogthrob as Bob
  • Annie Sue Pig as Linda
  • Muppy as Barkley
  • Slim Wilson as Humphrey
  • Lou as Ingrid
  • Hilda as Sherry Netherland
  • Polly Lobster as Benny Rabbit
  • Yolanda Rat as Celina
  • Bull as Cow
  • Zelda Rose as Ruthie
  • Miss Piggy as Rosita
  • Spamela Hamderson as Gina
  • Fozzie Bear as Baby Bear
  • Janice as Zoe
  • Uncle Deadly as Oscar the Grouch


(Statler and Waldorf watch some kids, including Mary Louise play hopscotch as Mutt walks down the street and Kermit the Frog walks out of his home.)

Kermit the Frog: (spoken) Hi, welcome to Sesame Street. I'm going for a walk!
(sings) Hello lamppost, hello tree,
Hello people smilin' at me
I'm at home and it's a treat
Walkin' down my street
Hello bus stop, hello store
Hello steps in front of my door
Feeling good 'cause life is sweet
Walkin' down my street
I know every crack that's in the sidewalk
I know where my street begins and ends
I know all the windows on the houses

(As Kermit walks by, Beaker peers out from one of the construction doors leading to Kermit's home, Mean Mama is being licked by Warthog, some kids, including Mary Louise plays hopscotch, some kids, including P.J. and Kai-Lee, play basketball and a couple of penguins can be seen from the arbor. Wayne is busy fixing things in the Fix-It Shop and Ronald Duck is eating at Hooper's Store while Flash minds the store.)

Sam the Eagle: Hi!

(Wanda is cleaning her window as Kermit walks by.)

Kermit the Frog: Like the people in them - they're my friends
(calls) Hi, Wanda!

Wanda: (waving from fire escape) Hi Kermit!

(As Kermit walks by, he saw George the Janitor and Mildred Huxtetter setting their window box.)

Kermit the Frog: Hi George and Mildred! Hi talking house!

George the Janitor and Mildred Huxtetter: Hi Kermit!

Talking House: Hi Kermit!

(Warthog tickles Mean Mama as Kermit the Frog walks down the street. Beth Bear is shown having fun at the playground, Big Mean Carl gets tapped by the Robin and a penguin and the Dodo watches the kids play tetherball while Muppy is hanging out with Link Hogthrob and Annie Sue.)

Kermit the Frog: I love this street!
(sings) Hello playground, hello swing
Hello Summer, Winter and Spring
Happy days and happy beat
Walkin' down my street
(calls) Hi Furry Arms! You're looking well for a Hotel! (Slim Wilson and Lou looks out from the windows at the Furry Arms Hotel and Hilda is right outside the Furry Arms Hotel on the stairway.)
Hi, Polly!
(Polly Lobster, distracted, falls down the stairs with a large suitcase)
Hi Dance Studio! Hi Yolanda! (Yolanda waves from the window with a bull in her dance studio)
Hi Finders Keepers. Nice hat, Zelda Rose! (Zelda Rose and Miss Piggy smiles as they show off their hats.)
Hi gang, happy daycare! (Spamela Hamderson, Fozzie Bear and Janice waves to Kermit as they walk down outside the daycare.)
Hi newsstand. Hi, Uncle Deadly.

Uncle Deadly: Get lost.

(Fozzie Bear and Janice walks down Around the Corner and Beth Bear and Muppy walks around Around the Corner. George the Janitor drives in a car as Beaker peers from one of the construction doors leading to Kermit's home.)

Kermit the Frog: I love this street.
(sings) Hello mailbox, hello car
Hello friends wherever you are
I just hope someday we'll meet
Walkin' down my street
Sesame Street
Not just a street -
A way of life!

(Kermit the Frog looks at Sesame Street from his home as everyone walks around and has fun, including Rizzo the Rat and Rowlf the Dog hanging around on the stoops of 123 Sesame Street.)

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