• Kermit the Frog as Big Bird
  • Annie Sue Pig as Gina
  • Andy and Randy Pig as Joey and Davey Monkey
  • Pops as Organ Grinder
  • Floyd Pepper as Gordon
  • Janice as Susan
  • Lindy as Miles
  • Kai-Lee as Gabi


Pops: (humming) La de dah.

Kermit the Frog: Annie, is this the place where the pigs are supposed to start their new job?

Annie Sue Pig: Yep, yep. This is it. That must be the man I spoke to on the telephone right there.

Andy Pig: Hey, Mister. Guess what? Today's your lucky day because we're here for the job.

Pops: And who are you?

Andy Pig: We're Andy and Randy Pig.

Andy and Randy Pig: Ta-da!

Pops: Ah, ta-da, schma-da! What can you do?

Andy and Randy Pig: Ah, ah...

Pops: Oh, you can ah. How exciting.

Andy Pig: No, no, no. We can do more than that. We can, uh...Uh, hey, Annie Sue. What can we do?

Annie Sue Pig: Can you sing?

Andy and Randy Pig: Yeah.

Kermit the Frog: Can you dance?

Andy and Randy Pig: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Annie Sue Pig: Tell him!

Andy Pig: We can sing and we can dance!

Pops: Huh! Is that all? Ha! I can find a kazillion singing and dancing pigs. No, no. What else can you do?

Andy Pig: What else can we do?

Kermit the Frog: Can you rhyme?

Andy Pig: Yeah.

Annie Sue Pig: Tell him!

Andy Pig: We could rhyme, mister.

Pops: You can?

Randy Pig: Sure, we rhyme all the...Um...

Andy Pig: Time.

Randy Pig: Time. Time.

Andy Pig: See? See what we did there? Time? Rhyme?

Randy Pig: Hey, Andy? Why talk about it when we can sing and dance about it?

Andy Pig: Yeah!

Pops: This I gotta see. Hey, and while you sing and dance, hold this.

Andy Pig: Hit it, Mr. Organ Grinder man!

Randy Pig: I say poodle!

Andy Pig: I say noodle!

Randy Pig: I say wavy!

Andy Pig: And I say gravy!

Andy and Randy Pig: Poodle, noodle,
wavy, gravy.
We like to rhyme all the time!

Randy Pig: I say movie!

Andy Pig: I say groovy!

Randy Pig: I say chunky!

Andy Pig: And I say funky!

Andy and Randy Pig: Movie, groovy,
chunky, funky.
We like to rhyme all the time!

Randy Pig: I say burrito!

Andy Pig: And I say telito!

Randy Pig: I say iguana!

Andy Pig: And I say basunda!

Andy and Randy Pig: Burrito, telito,
iguana, basunda.
We like to rhyme all the time!
Dance break!

Andy Pig: Hey, Randy! Let's show them a real rhyme or two!

Randy Pig: And away we go! Cheesy.

Andy Pig: Wheezy.

Randy Pig: Basil.

Andy Pig: Nasal.

Randy Pig: Piggy.

Andy Pig: Wiggy.

Andy and Randy Pig: Our aunt Hazel.

Randy Pig: Pal of mine.

Andy Pig: Porcupine.

Randy Pig: Sarsaparilla.

Andy Pig: A gorilla.

Randy Pig: Socks.

Andy Pig: Rocks.

Randy Pig: Box.

Andy Pig: Fox.

Andy and Randy Pig: A bagel with a piece of lox.

Randy Pig: Candy bar.

Andy Pig: Dancing car.

Randy Pig: Cookie jar.

Andy Pig: Appendix star.

Randy Pig: Spinning top.

Andy Pig: Sponge mop.

Randy Pig: Traffic cop.

Andy Pig: Lollipop.

Randy Pig: Raindrop.

Andy Pig: Beauty shop.

Randy Pig: Bunny hop.

Andy Pig: Porkchop.

Andy and Randy Pig: It looks like it's time to stop.


Annie Sue Pig: Yay!

Janice: Aren't they the cutest pigs?

Kermit the Frog: What talent.

Floyd Pepper: Gee, I love these guys!

Annie Sue Pig: Here you go.

Randy Pig: Oh, thank you. Thank you. Wow! Andy, look at all the money they gave us!

Andy Pig: Yeah, Randy. We'll be rolling in bananas soon.

Annie Sue Pig: You guys did good.

Pops: Good? They were sensational!

Kermit the Frog: I guess they have the job then.

Pops: Oh, no! I can't give them the job! Their act is too much for me keep up with! That last number made me blow a gasket on my organ.

Randy Pig: Well, at least we have this money.

Andy Pig: Yeah, let's go get us a banana.

Randy Pig: Okay.

Pops: Sorry, boys. I'll be needing that.

Randy Pig: Hey! What gives?

Andy Pig: Yeah!

Pops: I need this money to repair the organ.

Andy Pig: Oh, no! Our show business careers are over!

Andy and Randy Pig: (crying)

Annie Sue Pig: Don't worry. Don't worry. We'll find you another job.

Kermit the Frog: Sure, somebody must need a pig.

Annie Sue Pig: I'll check the newspaper.

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