15sturmelle's movie spoof of Muppets Most Wanted 

  • Dominic Badguy- Ice King(Adventure Time)
  • Constanine- Goneff(Pokemon)
  • Nadya- Officer Jenny(Pokemon) 
  • Kermit- Mac(Foster's Home)  
  • Miss Piggy- Frankie(Foster's Home) 
  • Fozzie- Numbuh 2(KND) 
  • Gonzo- Rolf(E, E, n, E) 
  • Bunsen- Dexter 
  • Beaker- Billy(Billy and Mandy)
  • Scooter- Irwin(Billy and Mandy) 
  • Uncle Deadly- Grim(Billy and Mandy)
  • Lew Zealand- Johnny(E, E, n, E)
  • Beauregard- Bling Bling Boy(Johnny Test)
  • Bobo- Silent B(Total Drama) 
  • Link Hothgrob- Johnny Bravo 
  • Sweetums- Ed(E, E, n, E) 
  • Sam the Eagle- Eddy(E, E, n, E) 
  • Wayne and Wanda- Brick and Blossom(PPG) 
  • Beautiful Day Monster- Fuzzy Lumpkins(PPG) 
  • Walter- Finn(Adventure Time)
  • Bulls- Tauros(Pokemon) 
  • Rowlf the Dog- Cyborg(Teen Titans)
  • Pepe the King Prawn- Alejandro(Total  Drama)
  • Crazy Harry- Mandark(Dexter's Lab) 
  • The Swedish  Chef- Monty  Uno(KND) 
  • Dr. Teeth- Numbuh 1(KND) 
  • Zoot- Edd(E, E, n, E) 
  • Janice- Nazz(E, E, n, E) 
  • Floyd- Kevin(E, E, n,  E)
  • Animal- Beast Boy(Teen Titans) 
  • Black Dog- Mojo Jojo(PPG)
  • Calico- Boogeyman(Billy and Mandy) 
  • Blind Pew- Him(PPG)
  • Angel Marie- Lord Moldybutt(Billy and Mandy)
  • Walleye Pike- Lil Arturo(PPG)
  • One-Eyed Jack- Ace(PPG)
  • Miss Poogy- Sedusa(PPG)
  • Spotted Dick- Knightbrace(KND)
  • Blue Frackle- Stickybeard(KND)
  • Green Frackle- Common Cold(KND)
  • Big Mean Carl- Toilenator(KND)


  • Together Again (featuring Officer Jenny, Goneff, Mac, Frankie, Numbuh 2, Rolf, Dexter, Billy, Jimmy, Edd, Ed, Numbuh 1, Finn, Alejandro, Boogeyman, Bling- Bling Boy, Ezekiel, Brick and Blossom, Mojo Jojo, Irwin, Grim, Kevin, Him, Nazz, Beast Boy, Lord Moldbybutt, Lil Arturo, Mandark, Monty Uno, Cyborg, Ace, Johnny, Sedusa, Stickybeard, Toilenator, Knightbrace, and Johnny Bravo)
  • The Big House(featuring Officer Jenny, Mac, and Lord Moldybutt)
  • We're Doing A Sequel(featuring Finn, Mac, Rolf, Numbuh 2, Cyborg, and Irwin)
  • Working In The Coal Mine(featuring Boogeyman, Him, Sedusa and Mojo Jojo)

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