Spoilers: I'm going to stick to Basics for a while, even though they contain spoilers...


AKA: Daikenja, Muraken, The Great Sage

Age: ~15 in year 0, 22 in this picture

Looks: 5'9" (when grown), black hair and eyes, glasses

Character: Knows much, says little. Brilliant but sneaky.

Special skills: Great Sage. Clearly remembers extensive studies from all his past lives, especially the one with Shinou.

Family: Birth family back in Tokyo we've never seen. Married to Giesela von Krist (PW). Was gone for a number of stories while he got a university degree back in Tokyo. As of Epilogue, he and Giesela are back. Adopted a baby centaur, Lucy, in GoT, without consulting his wife...

In GoT, Murata's kidnapped by the ghost of Franklin von Trondheim, and forced to revisit his role in the Great Genocide - it was all his fault that the trolls and elves and nymphs and fauns and centaurs were wiped out. Those last two particularly hurt - then-Daikenja grew up among the fauns and centaurs in the region that became Gratz. Daikenja created the Shinou cult, especially the baby presentation, as a partial solution, restoring demon souls maimed in the Genocide, and saved Shinou as well in year 0. But now, he's remaining in Trondheim to fix the rest of the mess.

Stories: The Bedding of Wolfram, The Pirate Wedding,Epilogue, The Ghosts of Trondheim

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