Murray on a Chase is an American animated television series created by Joe Murray who created Nickelodeon's Rocko's Modern Life from 1993 through 1996 and Cartoon Network's Camp Lazlo from 2006 through 2008. The cartoon was animated by Joe Murray Productions and Cartoon Network Studios. The cartoon series features the starring voice of Kevin Wu from Kevjumba on Youtube as the main character. This is Joe's recent television cartoon series after Camp Lazlo ended, the first cartoon not to feature actor Carlos Alazraqui as the lead role (although he voiced Murray's screams, cries, wails and action vocabulary) and the first cartoon to feature human characters instead of anthropomorphic animals.


The series is about the adventures of Australian immigrant Murray who comes to the United States for his brand new everyday life with his friends; Herman and Lenny. He also has many troubles with his neighbors, his boss and his situations.


  • Murray Zhangduf (Voice: Kevin Wu, Carlos Alazraqui): A 25-year old Chinese-Australian born in Canberra, Australia who moved to the United States for a fresh new life. Murray speaks with an Americanized Australian accent and he works in an internet cafe. Unlike his boss, he is kind and generous, such as whenever someone sneezes at their coffee, he gives the customer a fresh one without charging him. Murray is known for his distinctive haircut which was popular in Australia. He is named after creator Joe Murray.
  • Herman Perks (Voice: Thomas James Kenny): A 20-year old Belgian-American overweight man who is employed for several jobs. He enjoys coming by Murray's house and loves eating bologna sandwiches. He was raised by wolves and he seems to have an affiction for chocolate ice cream. His favorite hobby is actually eating and tends to do disgusting habits on several occasions.
  • Leonard "Lenny" Schwenkup (Voice: Doug Lawrence): A 22-year old Jewish Danish-American man who is a nervous wreck and has an affiction for cleaning and organizing. He was originally a backgrounder to add texture to Murray and Herman but later became one of the main characters. Lenny is mostly known for wearing glasses and wearing a vest.
  • Andy and Mandy Dungbells (Voice: Charlie Adler): The 55-year old neighbors of Murray who are always grumpy and mad about everything. Andrew hates Murray while Mandy loves Murray. Usually, Murray sometimes does nice things for them to show that he's a good neighbor.

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