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Mushroom Cloud Comics is orginazation that include many members and most of them are good drawers. Jacob Sobel founded the Comic business in 2008 where he bagan drawing these comics, The first of wich, Swirl Man and Lie Boy was not yet sold but will be when there is more copies


It begins with a man who had recently hunted down a dangerous criminal and teams up with his young son, Josiah Fergunson and when they visit Mike, the leader of the ISA, Internatinal Superhero Agency who gives them a dangerous assigment, To hunt down the worst villan of all; Triple B

War with Rivals

When another "Friend" set up a comic business in which featured unimortant characters, the leader of Mushroom Cloud Comics sent a few friends to help him in the fight with the rivals. However they won the important battles and the rival's comic collapesed


The head of the comics came up with a lot of comics like Dude and other. He is currently working on a new comic Time Travel 300 years before about a man that visits 1776 and he fights in the army. But when he can't get home, he must use all the tricks up his sleeve to get back

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