Music Play list

These songs were hand picked by EJ.

1. Cocomo

2. Walk like and Egyptian

3. Mr. Roboto

4. She blinded me with science

5. Ghostbusters theme

6. Let's make lots of money

7. Centerfold (not by Pink)

8. Do the Hustle

9. Moskau

10. Hot, Hot, Hot

11. Smooth Operator

12. Land Down Under

13. Staying Alive

14. Ya Hayat Albi

15. What is Love

Songs Written by EJ

Seriously, songs written and sung by EJ.

"I'm gonna love you tonight"

"It's either me or the dog"

"They were sisters"

Songs written about and for EJ

1. Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" was a personal bout of devotion to the current EJ.

2. Sade's "Smooth Operator" was written as a stereotype for all EJs.

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