Music in Pokemon Stadium 3 is Pikachufreak's idea. These are the following music soundtracks for the 2006 video game: Pokemon Stadium 3.

List of Them

  1. Stadium 2 Free Battle Music (Challenge Cup Rounds 1-3)
  2. RSE Cave Music (Challenge Cup Rounds 4-6)
  3. FRLG Trainer Battle Music (Challenge Cup Semifinal)
  4. Colosseum/XD Final Battle Music (Challenge Cup Final Battle)
  5. Route 101 Music (Little Cup Rounds 1-3)
  6. Team Magma and Aqua Battle Music (Little Cup Rounds 4-6)
  7. FRLG Gym Leader Music (Little Cup Semifinal)
  8. Pokemon Square Music (Little Cup Final Battle)
  9. Stadium 1 Poke Cup 1-3 Music (Poke Cup Rounds 1-3)
  10. Petalburg Woods Music (Poke Cup Rounds 4-6)
  11. RSE Rival Battle Music (Poke Cup Semifinal)
  12. FRLG Cave Music (Poke Cup Final Battle)
  13. Pika Cup 4-6 Music (Prime Cup Rounds 1-3)
  14. Regi Trio Battle Music (Prime Cup Rounds 4-6)
  15. RSE Wild Pokemon Battle Music (Prime Cup Semifinal)
  16. FRLG Champion Battle Music (Prime Cup Final Battle)
  17. RSE Trainer Battle Music (Gym Leader Castle Trainer Battle)
  18. RSE Gym Leader Music (Gym Leader Castle Gym Leader Battle)
  19. RSE Elite Four Music (Gym Leader Castle Elite Four Battle)
  20. RSE Champion Music (Gym Leader Castle Champion Wallace)
  21. RSE Battle Frontier Music (Battle Frontier Battle)
  22. Team Magma/Aqua Leader Battle Music (Rival Battle)

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