Hawaiian Cocktail

  • Barney's Fan Club: Plays when BJ cries because he thinks nobody loves him.

Stack of Leis

  • BJ Alone: Plays when BJ cries onto Thomas' bufferbeam.
  • Barney's Cartoon Show: Plays when BJ sees the trophy is from Barney and cries very hard.
  • Flea's Super Hero Worship: Plays when The angry rat dumps Lil, Dil, Tommy and Kimi down a huge trapdoor.

Unplyzing Evil Plunge

  • Together At Last - Sir Handel and Madge Edition: Plays when Sir Handel and Madge get into a fight.
  • BJ In A Mess: Title card

Unknown Tracks

Unknown Track 1

Kapano Beamer Version 1

  • Together At Last - Sir Handel and Madge Edition: Title card
  • Thomas Maker's Elves: Plays when Skarloey and Peter Sam accidentally send their airplane into the basement.
  • BJ Alone: Title card
  • Angry Kimiko: Title card
  • Barney Rescues BJ: Title card

Unknown Track 2

Shock Horror

  • A Friturtoons Chanukah: Plays when Yoshi's Car hits James.
  • BJ Alone: Plays when BJ forgot his mom is coming back.
  • BJ's Big Fight: Plays when BJ pushes Rabbit off a cliff.
  • BJ's Stolen Picture: Plays when Kimiko starts crying and BJ is surprised.
  • Kimiko and The Lost Boots: Plays when Kimiko loses her boots.

Finger of Fear

  • A Friturtoon Chanukah: Plays when James cries because his plan is ruined.
  • James Moves Out: Plays when James yells "IT'S NOT FAIR!". Also plays when James hears that Thomas is laughing.
  • Squidward Gets A Scare: Plays when Squidward is scared of the ghost.
  • Angelica The Glamoured Teen: Plays when Angelica falls down.
  • Percy Stuck In The Mud: Plays when Percy slides into a muddy bank and couldn't move.
  • BJ Alone: Plays when BJ sees that his mom had left the town and cries.
  • BJ In A Mess: Plays when BJ goes out of control and crashes towards the muddy wagons.
  • Barney's Fan Club: Plays when BJ's brain grows bigger.
  • James Nose Best: Plays when James has his nose stung by a bee.
  • BJ the School President: Plays when BJ runs out of the classroom, bawling.
  • A Day Without Tears - BJ style - Plays when BJ sees that a dog ate his pizza.
  • BJ The Krabby Patty Theif: Plays when BJ cries his eyes out.
  • Bad Bonnie: Plays when Bonnie leaves the cafeteria.
  • Angry Kimiko: Plays when Kimiko screams at The Flea.
  • Being BJ: Plays when BJ fights Rikochet.
  • Movie Night - BJ style: Plays when Flea and Kimiko have a prom. Also plays when BJ announces the date.
  • There's No Place Like Grome - BJ style: Plays when BJ is beating up a worm.
  • Model BJ - Plays when BJ hears Kimiko scream like wild while running away from 100 angry Beedrills.

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