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The Mutants were the names given to the humans that were turned into mutant hybrids with other animals. When the USA Government conducted the VersaLife Raids, they freed these mutants and the mutant began to breed in the sewers. VersaLife created ten different mutant types.

Mutant Types

  • Ape Mutant: These mutants are lean and furry with apes-like heads and arms. They live in canyons and caves.
  • Rat Mutants: These mutants are rat like creatures that dwell in the sewers of most large cities.
  • Hawk Mutants: These mutant look like men with brown feathers and hawk heads.
  • Crocodile Mutants: These mutants are crocodile like humanoids that live in swamps.
  • Tiger Mutants: The tiger mutants are tiger like humans who live in isolated areas of Canyons.
  • Wolf Mutants: These Mutants look like wolves. They live in the sewers of most USA cities.
  • Iguana Mutants: These green skinned mutants looked vaguely like an Iguana and has an iguanas crest instead of hair.
  • Pig Mutants:

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