This is the main page for the Mutants & Masterminds game using the Paragons setting.

The Paragons setting is designed to be modular. In this way it is quite opposite to the well-defined four-color/Silver-age setting of Freedom City. Not all of the information in Paragons in meant to be used in every Paragons game. In fact, some aspects of Paragons are mutually exclusive towards one another.

In this way, Paragons is meant to reflect the recent trends in comic books in general and the superhero genre in specific. The setting tries to capture the feel of the Ultimate Marvel line of comics, the films of the past decade based on Marvel properties, and on the NBC network's show, Heroes.

To put it succintly, Paragons tries to capture the what-if of superpowers in our real world. Rather than the over-the-top and clearcut good and evil of traditional comics, Paragons looks to see how superpowers would change otherwise ordinary people. Rather than a definate good/evil dicotomy and well defined moral compasses, Paragons applies real-world moral relativism and situational ethics to the super"hero" genre.

Series framework


Rules regarding the Breakout



Imageria rules

House rules

Attack/Defense tradeoffs

  • To hit and Defense bonus can be as high as 16 each.
  • Save DC modifier and Toughness bonus can be as high as 12 each.
  • However, Save DC modifier and to hit bonus combined can not be more than twice the campaign's power level (default PL10=20). The same goes for the combined total of Defense and Toughness bonus.


  • Regenerating with no rest is a one point add-on to any length of time for any condition. In the rulebook, it is the ultimate end to each of the various conditions decrease in regen time. Example: all of the following are possible; Injured - one check per minute with no rest, Disabled - one check per twenty minutes with no rest, Bruised - one check per round with no rest.[4]

Mutants & Masterminds (Paragons) game one

Mutants & Masterminds (Paragons) modules


  1. Most of the random/low-PL NPCs "appear" at this point
  2. Travis is Vector
  3. Tom Anwar is The Answer
  4. this is the only one previously possible without the house rule

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