You sit drinking in your Upper West Side Manhattan apartment one night feeling unfulfilled. You have wealth, power, and the means to obtain most anything that you might want. However, the ease of those means leaves you with little desire to want much of anything. Even love seems to be mocking you as you see all of your female companionship as only wanting you for your looks, money, or powers.

So you sit hurling fireballs into the fireplace, the TV on in the background, when a Breaking News story interrupts the television program. It is a national story of a paranormal faction known as The Pantheon. It is the story of the release of the video tape from the prison break as described on p.66 of Paragons. The news story goes into what background they can (from the internet mostly) on The Pantheon. You're impressed and decide to look into them after you sleep off your drunk.

The next day you look into the Pantheon on the internet. You find their website and see that it is set up for the faithful to submit their prayers. The site also briefly describes Hearthstone, the "artificial" island raised from the sea floor south of Sri Lanka that serves as the Pantheon's homeland. You have quickly learned that your paranormal power is to mimic the powers of other paranormals. After the Pantheon's website, the next website you go to is for an airline. Minutes later you're booked on a flight to Sri Lanka.

Hearthstone is only about a thirty minute run (for you) from the airport where you landed in Sri Lanka. The island is 500 miles2 (roughly 2/3 the size of Allegheny county) with only twenty to thirty inhabitants at any one time. After being raised from the sea, Hearthstone was terraformed into a lush paradise. As you approach, you detect a paranormal standing on the beach directly in your path.

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