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  • After a hard night of dancing, drinking, and partying, you travel back to your Upper West Side apartment and pass out.
  • You groggily awake to a sensation that is certainly not your bed. The sun hurts your eyes as you begin to realize that you are lying on grassy ground.
  • Looking around, you realize than you seem to be in an open central courtyard. You hear the gentle trickling of water from the nearby fountain in the very center of the courtyard. The surrounding building is white marble in a definate Greco-Roman style.
  • You are only begining to analyze your situation when you become aware of heavy footfalls from past the marble columns. You are horrified to see a large red-skinned demonic creature emerge from the shadows. It snarls at you, it's forearms become wrapped in a sheath of fire, and it hurls a small fireball at you.
  • Your flesh is seared as the fire hits you square in the chest and are knocked backwards. The pain is unbearable. You know that it is the end as the demon produces and throws yet another fireball. To your surprise, and the demon's, you feel the impact of the fireball, but little else.
  • The demon quickly resigns itself to simply pummeling you. Without a moment of forethought, you run with all the speed you can muster past the marble columns.



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