After being left to die Scott Curtis and Chloe Fox are stuck with the fact of being killed to they find Jamie Jackson has manage to get inside undercover and saves them both from being shot. As they all make there escape they have no choice but to head down to Nicks House to stop him. Chloe and Scott starts a quick drive towards Newton Abbot to try and launch a attack to makes them stop before they had down to Totnes.

Meanwhile Zoe and the rest of the Rivers stand ready for the attack from Nick. But Scott leads his attack with Chloe and start to take down the Heles weapons. As they remove the last weapon they leave hele with no guns making them head out of Totnes after having a big fight with the Rivers. Nick shouts this have not seen the end of him yet. Chloe then thinks about going back to her partner. When Steph Colledge offers her a lift she thinks about it and tells her maybe I should think about this before going back.

The story ends with Chloe going off in her car up the motorway and Scott along with Jamie and steph looking on with a smile on there face as Chloe drives off into the sunset.

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