Mutual masturbation memoirs

At age nine I started getting erections with increasing regularity, by age 10 I discovered the thrill of a dry orgasm (as I have not started ejaculating at this age). A few weeks following my 10th birthday a friend of mine (who passed away shortly before my 17th birthday) told me that he "gets hard". I was intrigued as at this time I never even considered that other males might be undergoing the same sexual development that I was going through (I didn't even qualify it in those terms!) but I told him that I have also been getting "hard". It was arousing, and piqued my interest, however nothing would happen for nearly 6 months after our confessing to having erections. Now both of us (as most of my friends at that time) came from authoritarian, Calvinistic homes, where sex (nevermind masturbation!) was taboo! I stayed over at his house for that inter-term holiday, he had a bunk bed, with me lying on the top bunk. By now we have both figured out the wonderous feeling of an orgasm that could be reached by rubbing, or playing with our genitals. I started masturbating (my first technique was drumming on my penis with my fingers - almost like playing a flute ... rapidly!) Needless to say, being in a bunk bed, he quickly became aware of what I was doing and asked we if I was "hard" and "making it feel good". Bizarrely enough (considering my upbringing) I came clean and he told me that he was erect as well, and then asked if I wanted to touch "it". Seeing as I was very curious about other boys penises, I jumped at the opportunity and quickly got down from the top bunk. He let me hold his hard erection and it made me fullly erect, even throbbing at that time, to touch another penis. JD then asked if he could touch mine, and even though he just groped my cock without waiting for a reply, I was most agreeable. This mutual touching escalated into a mirrored stroking of each other, each demonstrating on each other what we would like having done to ourselves. This incredible first time ended with both of us ejaculating for the first time and God did it feel good! We came to the conclusion (seeing as both of us never ejaculated before) that ejaculation is only possible with the help of a friend. We masturbated each other everyday for the next nine days of school holidays! Noteworthy as that was, mutual masturbation only reached an all time high for me in high school. Not only did I participate in my first circle jerk (in a game called "Soggy Biscuit", where the object is to ejaculate in a circle onto a biscuit in the centre. The person furthest of the mark has to eat the sperm laden biscuit!), but I ended up having numerous partners. The most memorable being Phillip. My Dad and I had a HUGE fallout with regards to GOD, sex and personal belief, I left home/got kicked out at age 16 (four months shy of my 17th birthday), another lady from our church who also led the youth group activities took me under her wing and let me stay with them. Her son, Phillip was 8 months my junior, and therefore in the grade below mine. He was super-introverted, and I have always been loud, loving public attention. Although he never really talked to me, he walked in on me masturbating in my room. Instead of leaving, he just stood there - and having fantasized about masturbating with him - I really let rip until I orgasmed. Afterwards he brought the tissues to me and in a breathy voice asked if we could do that together sometime. Happily I obliged, and so a long, fun and daily mutual masturbation regime set in (both his parents worked). One weekend in my final year, after a debaucherous house party, we ended up together in the jacuzzi, wearing nothing but our briefs. He started brushing up against my leg as if the water "moved" his hand and I reciprocated. Soon we were briefless and grabbing erect penises, then for the first time he gave me oral sex, which I again reciprocated. Our masturbation in the jacuzzi extended for the first time to anal stimulation and even anilingus! (Perhaps due to the water, and the feeling of being clean) Unfortunately some of our friends came back and we jumped out, still erect, looking for any clothes to put on before being discovered and called "gay". That night/morning we slept in the same bed finishing what we started by jerking each other off. The next day, we cleaned up the VERY THRASHED house and ended up taking a dip in the pool. Naked of course! Boys, being boys ... one thing led to another,and after an intense and less meek repeat of the previous night, we ended up having sex as well. This was a high in our experimentation, but nearly saw an end of our friendship due to it. However our deep bond and need of one another through mutual masturbation saved our friendship. Although we slept with each other until I left to go to university; he ended up straight with bi tendencies and I ended up gay with bi tendencies. Regardless off girlfriends and boyfriends we still masturbated together whenever we saw each other. And even though I am currently on the other side of the world (due to work), I trust that we would pick up right where we left off; stroking and sucking each other in friendship and camaraderie until we die.

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