My-HiME (manga)
Cover of Volume 1
Genre Comedy, Drama, Magical girl
Written by Noboru Kimura, Hajime Yatate, Sato Kenetsu
Published by Template:Country data Japan Akita Shoten
Canada United States Tokyopop
Template:Country data Singapore Chuang Yi (English)
Template:Country data France Asuka
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My-HiME (舞-HiME Mai-HiME?) is a manga based on Sunrise's My-HiME series, following a storyline different from that of the anime. It is authored by Hajime Yatate (original creator), Noboru Kimura (scenario), and Sato Kenetsu (art). During its 44-chapter run, it was published in Shōnen Champion. It has been licensed for English distribution by Tokyopop; four volumes have been released so far.


The My-HiME manga follows the story of Yuuichi Tate, a recent transfer student to Fuka Academy. At Fuka, he finds out that he is the Key - the person needed to unlock greater powers - to two HiMEs, Mai Tokiha and Natsuki Kuga. The manga covers Yuuichi's relationship with the two girls as well as their battle against an organization attempting to take the power of the HiME Star for themselves.


The cast of characters is made up mostly of students and staff at Fuka Academy. Although most characters in the manga also appear in the anime series, they all differ slightly in their characteristics and relationships. In one example, Mikoto Minagi does not have any known family unlike the anime, but she still is attached to Mai. And unlike the anime, the general public are aware of the hime's existence or at least those attending Fuka Academy.


Volume 1

  1. Boy meets Girl
  2. I Hate You!!
  3. I Don't Need a Reason
  4. Long Night
  5. Stay By My Side...
  6. Memory of the Flame
  7. Student Council Executives
  8. Ori-HiME Unit

Volume 2

  1. Yuuki Nao
  2. I Don't Know Anything
  3. Minagi Mikoto
  4. Expectations and Truth and
  5. Higurashi Akane
  6. Koumokuten
  7. Miroir
  8. Light of the Law
  9. 17 Years Old

Volume 3

  1. The Fallen Life
  2. Groping Around in the Dark
  3. Elegy of the Beasts
  4. Overdoing It!!
  5. What Will Be
  6. HiME-Princess
  7. Lucky Punch
  8. The End and the Beginning
  9. HiME Star

Volume 4

  1. Cultural Festival
  2. Family
  3. Izzak
  4. White Rabbit
  5. The Brother Dear Quiz
  6. Student Council President Suzushiro
  7. The Underground Ruins

Volume 5

  1. Key to the Future
  2. Mother and Daughter
  3. Queen
  4. The Obsidian Lord
  5. The Beginning of the End
  6. The Commencement of Battle
  7. Mai VS Natsuki
  8. Justice Doesn't Die
  9. Rematch of the Future
  10. The Sword
  11. Welcome to Fuuka Academy



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