My-Otome 0~S.ifr~
My-Otome 0.jpg
My-Otome 0 logo
Genre Magical girl
Directed by Hisayuki Hirokazu
Studio Sunrise

My-Otome 0~S.ifr~ (舞-乙HiME 0~S.ifr~ Mai-Otome 0 Shifuru?) is an upcoming anime OVA produced by Sunrise and directed by Hisayuki Hirokazu, the former My-Otome character designer. It is a prequel to the My-Otome TV series. The first episode is scheduled to be released February 22, 2008 to Japanese DVD.

"Sifr" (صفر) is the Arabic word for the number 0 (zero). It is also the name of a main character, Sifr Blan.

In the promotional teaser trailer for My-Otome 0, included in episode 4 of My-Otome Zwei, the title was written as My-Otome S.ifl (舞-乙HiME S.ifl?). However, the spelling "S.ifr" is consistent in all other sources.


Sifr and Lena

The main characters Sifr Blan and Lena Sayers together with the illustrator's sign

  • Sifr Blan (シフル・ブラン)future queen of Windbloom and mother of Nina Wong(voiced by Ami Koshimizu)
  • Lena Sayers (レナ・セイヤーズ), Meister Otome (Blue Sky Sapphire)and mother of Arika Yumemiya (voiced by Aya Endo)
  • Bruce Windbloom(ブルース・ヴィントブルーム)/ Bruce Wales (ブルース・ワレス)king of Windbloom and father of Nina Wong (voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu)
  • Raquel Mayol (ラケル・マヨール), Meister Otome serving Sister Shion(voiced by Minori Chihara)
  • Sister Hermana Shion (シスター・シオン), Raquel's master and a travelling priest(voiced by Eri Kitamura)
  • Elliot Chandler (エリオット・チャンドラー), Meister Otome (Galacticamarine), Column (voiced by Yuko Sanpei)
  • John Smith (ジョン・スミス), future public figure of Schwartz (voiced by Osamu Saka)
  • Kiddo (キッド)
  • Brankin (ブランキン)Aswad leader (voiced by Yuji Ueda)
  • Una Shamrock (ウーナ・シャムロック), headmistress of Garderobe, Column (voiced by Houko Kuwashima)
  • Maria Graceburt (マルア・グレイスバート), Meister Otome (Eternal Recurrence Jasper)
  • Column (Ice Silver Crystal)
  • Column (Bewitching Smile Amethyst)
  • Column (Infinite Wisdom Azurite)
  • M9 (voiced by Yuka Iguchi)

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