• Goth Boy as Danny
  • Yuki as Sawyer
  • Esma as Darla
  • Derek as Max
  • Clara as Tillie
  • Jimmy as Pudge
  • Clayton as T.W.
  • Madame Zoe as Frances Albacore
  • Sir Vincent as Cranston
  • Dr. F as Wooly

Songs and Artists

  • Our Time Has Come-James Ingram and Carnie Wilson
  • Goth Boy's Arrival Song-Goth Boy
  • Little Boat on the Sea (MySims Ver.)-Goth Boy and Esma
  • MySims Jam-Goth Boy and the MySims
  • Big and Loud (Part 1) (MySims Ver.)-Esma
  • Big and Loud (Part 2) (MySims Ver.)-Esma
  • Tell Me Lies (MySims Ver.)-Yuki
  • Nothing's Gonna Stop Us (MySims Ver.)-Goth Boy, Yuki, Clara, Clayton, Madame Zoe
  • I Do Believe-Will Downing

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