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  • Goth Boy as Eddy
  • Bean Bradley as Ed
  • Buddy the Bellhop as Double D
  • Liberty as Sarah
  • Travis as Jimmy
  • Derek as Kevin
  • Violet as Naz
  • Jimmy Watanabe as Rolf
  • Ray as Johnny
  • Paul the Yeti as Plank
  • Yuki as Lee
  • Treona (my character) as Marie
  • Clara as May


  • Buddy: You're trespassing into my parents' bedroom! Please leave now or I'll have to call an attorney!

GB: Buddy! Must your father and I remind you to finish your homework?

Bean: That's right son! The mind is a terrible organ to shovel!

Buddy: Have you gone MAD!?!?!

  • GB: Hey look Violet! Bean has 3 nipples just like James Bond!!

Violet: Oh really? That's cool!

  • Buddy: Goth Boy you know how much I despise this instrument!............
  • Ray: What's that Paul?
  • GB: Woah what happened?

Buddy: Sweet Lord I'm NAKED!!!

  • GB: Buddy! Let me poke your brain!!

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