• Buddy the Bellhop as Clarence "Kick" Buttowski
  • Goth Boy as Gunther
  • Liberty as Kendall
  • Ray as Brad Buttowski
  • Clara Belle as Brianna Buttowski
  • Yuki as Wacky Jackie
  • Danielle and Violet as Harold and Honey Buttowski
  • Gordon as Mr. Vickle
  • Blaine as Pantsy
  • Jimmy as Horace
  • Elmira Clamp as Ms. Chicarelli
  • Dogwood as Oskar
  • Travis as Ronaldo
  • Vic Vector as Walter
  • Vincent Skullfinder and Madame Zoe as Magnus and Helga Magnuson
  • Dr. F as Bjorgen
  • Clayton Dander as Kyle

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