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  • Travis as Twilight Sparkle
  • Goth Boy as Rainbow Dash
  • Zombie Carl as Applejack
  • Ray as Rarity
  • Raven as Spike
  • Bean Bradley as Pinkie Pie (both are energetic and cute)
  • Buddy the Bellhop as Fluttershy (both are kind, sweet, and cute)
  • Morcubus as Discord (both are evil)
  • Rosalyn P. Marshall as the Mayor of Ponyville (both are mayors)
  • Jenny as Princess Celestia
  • Esma as Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna

Theme Song





Travis: I use to wonder what friendship could be


Travis: Until you all shared it's magic with me!

Goth Boy: Big adventure!

Bean: Tons of fun!

Ray: A beautiful heart!

Carl: Faithful and strong!

Buddy: Sharing kindness!

Travis: It's an easy feat! And magic makes it all complete!



Travis: Do you know you are my very best friends!?

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