• Goth Boy as Stimpy
  • Buddy as Ren
  • Bean Bradley as Sven
  • Ol' Gabby as Haggis MacHaggis
  • Vic Vector as Mr. Horse
  • Yuki as Mrs. Buttloaves
  • Zombie Carl as Kowalski
  • Sir Vincent Skullfinder as George Liquor
  • Ray as Muddy
  • Ian Arneson as Powdered Toast Man
  • Travis and Luke as Slab and Ernie
  • Martin as Bobby


The Destiny of Rocket Ren

  • Buddy as Rocket Ren
  • Goth Boy as Stimportacus
  • Ol' Gabby as Dr. MacHaggis
  • Bean Bradley as The German Sventarn
  • Sir Vincent Skullfinder as General Liquor
  • Travis and Luke as SuperSlab and The Ernirator
  • Martin as BobBoy

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