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  • Goth Boy as Jack Skellington
  • Yuki as Sally the Ragdoll
  • Cassandra as Zero
  • Ray as Lock
  • Raven as Shock
  • Brandi as Barrel
  • Sir Vincent Skullfinder as the Mayor
  • Dr. F as Dr. Finklestein
  • Morcubus as Oogie Boogie
  • Bean Bradley as Santa Claus


  • This is Halloween (MySims ver.)
  • Goth Boy's Lament
  • What's This? (MySims ver.)
  • Town Meeting (MySims ver.)
  • Goth Boy's Obsession
  • Kidnap the Bean Claws
  • Making Christmas (MySims ver.)
  • Morcu-Boogie's Song
  • Yuki's Song
  • Poor Goth Boy
  • Finale/Reprise (MySims ver.)

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