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  • Buddy as Thomas
  • Goth Boy as Percy
  • Bean as James
  • Sir Vincent as Sir Toppum Hat
  • Treona (my OC) as Emily
  • Watanabe as Hiro
  • Travis as Edward
  • Ian as Henry
  • Derek as Gordon
  • Violet as Toby
  • Ol' Gabby as Duck
  • Ray and Rob as Donald and Douglas
  • Vic and TOBOR as Bill and Ben
  • Barney as Stepney
  • Cassandra as Harvey
  • Edwin as Fergus
  • Tad "Flipper" McCaffery as Arthur
  • Zombie Carl as Murdoch
  • Princess Butter as Spencer
  • DJ Candy as Molly
  • Lyndsay as Rosie
  • Iggy as Whiff
  • Yuki as Mavis
  • Poppy as Lady
  • Esma and Brandi as Bash and Dash
  • Morcubus as Diesel 10
  • Luke as the Conductor

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